Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Day of School

Hooray!!  We survived the summer!!

Tuesday was the first day of school for both boys.  We decided to keep Caleb at his current school for kindergarten for several reasons - but the biggest being that we were trying to minimize change in his life for this year.  So much in our lives changed last year as we moved, and we know our family will change this year as we bring Hannah home.  We decided keeping him in a familiar place would be best for him.  Caleb's kindergarten is Monday thru Thursday from 9-2:30.  We enjoy having Friday off for his OT appointment and a day to be home and play.  He was excited and eager to go to school on that first day, which shocked us since he normally likes to stay at home!

Joshua is in the 3-day 2's class this year.  He refers to his teachers as "the Disney princesses" and has several friends from last year in his class.  He will go to school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9-1:30 and then stay for "stay and play" for 1 hour so that I pick up both boys at 2:30.  He walked into his room with confidence on the first day and had no potty accidents at school! I gave him the choice of underwear or a pull-up for his first day in case he was nervous and he was very clear he wanted to be a big boy!

Part of being a big boy was putting his shoes on all by himself.  He is big on "all by myself" lately.

The boys posing outside their school @ Christ United Methodist Church

Walking in with Daddy and his new bigger 'pack pack'

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