Sunday, January 6, 2013

Visit with Brynn - Christmas 2012

On December 30th Joshua's birthmom, Brynn, and her family came to College Station for the day to visit.  We typically alternate locations for visits and it was our turn to visit them in Georgetown.  Bryan's schedule the week of Christmas and into the New Year was pretty heavy, so we were so grateful they were willing to make the drive to come to us this time.  Brynn's parents John & Kathy, her siblings Cody, Kaylie and Erin and Kathy's parents Loretta and George all came to our house.  I made white chicken chili, salad and blondies for lunch and also had the pleasure of introducing the McGrath family to Sister Schubert's pretzel rolls which turned out to be a family favorite!  

After lunch we exchanged gifts.  The boys loved all of their fun stuff!  Caleb had a blast playing with Brynn's little sister, Erin, who is in first grade.  They played hide and seek, play doh, jumped on the trampoline and played upstairs in our playroom.  Caleb always looks forward to having Erin as a playmate!  I think Joshua had a blast playing with everyone but especially spent lots of time with Brynn.  He has started to say her name although it sounds more like "BrynnT"!  

Brynn and her family are a huge blessing not just to our little family but to our entire extended family as well.  There are not many adoption stories that look like this nearly 2 years after a child is born.  I know that over the years as Joshua looks back at these pictures from faithful visits that he will not remember -- he will be able to see tangible proof of the love that Brynn and her entire family have for him.  I can think of no greater gift than for a child to have more people to love him! 

And now for some pictures...

John helping Joshua open some of his gifts
You have to be MacGyver to get kid's toys out of the package!

Cody enjoying the plasma car!

Caleb & Erin playing with his new play doh toy

 Caleb & Erin enjoying some trampoline time even though it was VERY COLD

And finally, my favorite picture! 
Joshua and his beautiful birthmom

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