Sunday, January 6, 2013

NYE 2012

Like most parents of young children, we had a pretty wild New Years Eve.  It included dinner with the boys at home followed by roasting marshmallows for s'mores on Bryan's new fire pit.  Both of the boys enjoyed their s'mores:

The boys finished out the night with their new favorite nightly ritual, a bubble bath followed by brushing their teeth with their new "spinny toothbrushes" that feature Thomas the Train.  

Once the boys were asleep we watched TV downstairs, which meant Bryan fell asleep in his chair (he'd worked A LOT in the previous days and Joshua had been waking us up at night!) and I perused the world wide web until it was almost midnight.  What can I say, we like to live on the wild side.

2012 was an exciting year for us:  We started building our home in College Station, Joshua turned 1, Caleb turned 4, we spent time in Denver while Bryan did a rotation, we celebrated my birthday in Las Vegas, we sold our house, Bryan graduated from residency (WHOOP!), we moved twice (ugh), moved into our new home, Bryan started a new job, Joshua started school for the first time and Caleb started Pre-K, we joined a new church and began to build a community in College Station, and we learned more about how to be better parents to our boys at the Empowered to Connect conference.

We have seen that God is faithful to equip us for the life He has called us to.  We are excited to see how He will use us and grow us in 2013!  


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  1. your 2012 sounds like my 2013....already getting house ready to put on the market....the walls looks so empty....its a little depressing, but we are looking forward to getting settled into the new community as well. Love reading your blog!